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Domino City

An AU Yu Gi Oh Role play!

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While this IS an AU, the basic plotline doesn't deviate much from the story itself. Main changes in the world of this RPG and world of the actual story is that there is no ancient Egyptian power at work. The Card Game still exists, and Yugi still has that funny looking necklace, but the Sennen items have no mystical powers.

Also, the Yamis are seperate from their hosts. They can live/be family with their respective hosts, it depends on how each player wishes to go along with it. I do reccomend that each Yami player get together with the player for their respective host and discuss what they want to do (or vice versa), if possible.

Another minor change, is that everyone including Pegasus, the Ishtars, and members of the Doom organization live in Domino City and go to the high school. The goal is to get the characters to interact in a High School and Modern world setting. Like they would as normal people with no other-worldly powers to worry about. ^_^

Though, of course the Adult characters DON'T go to the high school... ^^; Pegasus has his Million dollar company, and Yugi's grandfather has the shop.

The Live Journal phemomenon has swept through Domino City, and each character has decided to hop on the bandwagon and get one. Thusly, each player will be responsible for updating their character's journal at least once a week. Characters may comment in each other's journals and schedule get-togethers which may then be RPed out in AIM.

01 Characters must update their journal at least once a week. This worked for an amount of.... zero minutes. >.> Seriously, if you join this RP, you better be willing to commit. Update AT LEAST once a month, or else your character is totally up for grabs. Once the month has passed, I will make an update on the community stating just exactly who hadn't updated, and who is free. You don't even have to update that much, just as long as you are active.

02 Anything NC-17 in nature should be clearly marked as such. I don't mind it if your character and another character have sex. I DO mind that you be considerate of people who may not want to read stuff like that. I do not want this RP turning into a free-for-all sex RP (Which I HAVE seen happen before).

03 Any character NOT taken can be an NPC to a certain extent. You may mention them in journals, but please don't schedule an RP with a character with no player. That wouldn't be quite fair.

04 If you have a plan that will seriously affect a character other than your own, please talk to the players involved. If something involves the entire cast -- i.e. a get together or party of somesort -- please clear it with the Moderator(s) first.

05 Every player should make sure he/she has AOL Instant Messenger. If you don't, it's as easy as going to www.aim.com and signing up. This is to make RPing outside the journals easier for everyone.

06 The main RP log style preferred is and always will be as if you were writing a story. It makes it a little easier to read as WELL as do... because waiting for LJ to load when it's being bitchy is 'TARDED. So, evidently, RP logs must be done through AIM. Although, this rule can be warped only under two circumstances. I understand how difficult it can be to have ridiculously insane time differences; unable to catch anyone to RP. If this happens, you can make a post in the community starting off an RP, and let the comments trail the rest. This will also be done if the RP contains the whole cast to avoid confusion and chaos. ^^;;

Mutou Yuugi
LJ: yamichibiaibou
Played by: Zelda Martial [chakrabluwings]
AIM: chakrabluwings

Yami Yuugi/Atemu
LJ: aibousyami
Played by: Darcy [white_russian]
AIM: DarkFireFairy76

Jounouchi Katsuya
LJ: aint_no_puppy
Played by: Denise [reikaku_pyro]
AIM: Rika chan 862

Kawai Shizuka
LJ: __dreamtoofar
Played by: Lauren [bioplague]
AIM: x sakebi x

Honda Hiroto
LJ: hiroto__
Played by: Denise [reikaku_pyro]
AIM: Rika chan 862

Anzu Mazaki
LJ: i_heartnewyork
Played by: Meg [audiodrops]
AIM: Dance Dance Anzu

Seto Kaiba
LJ: _game_master_
Played by: Lauren [bioplague]
AIM: x sakebi x

Miho Nosaka
LJ: _love_for_sale
Played by: Friday [fish_are_evil]
AIM: Lucky Red Ribbon
Mokuba Kaiba
LJ: _mokie_
Played by: Denise [reikaku_pyro]
AIM: Rika chan 862

Kujaku Mai
LJ: _harpy_lady_
Played by: Midget [daytron_seed]
AIM: XxPikaShuichi

Ryou Bakura
LJ: __bakura__
Played by: Magda [lattebayo]
AIM: ochibiswrath

Yami Bakura
LJ: sexy_klepto
Played by: Midget [daytron_seed]
AIM: XxPikaShuichi

Thief Bakura
LJ: boundin_bakura
Played by: Dawn [dawnsshadow]
AIM: RubyMoon199

Malik Ishtar
LJ: sir__psychosexy
Played by: Hanna [halfthewords]
AIM: Yami Sierra

Rebecca Hopkins
LJ: over_the_moon_
Played by: Gabby [abbiemills]
AIM: GabBaka

Otogi Ryuugi
LJ: tehfruit_cup
Played by: Musashi [daikenkai]
AIM: x The New Leo x
LJ: ahmado_varon
Played by: Dey [yokokaru_chan]
AIM: Bh82791

LJ: __kisara
Played by: Lauren [bioplague]
AIM: x sakebi x

LJ: mana_chan_
Played by: Dawn [dawnsshadow]
AIM: RubyMoon199

LJ: dark_mahaado
Played by: Hanna [halfthewords]
AIM: Yami Sierra

LJ: kalim
Played by: Hanna [halfthewords]
AIM: Yami Sierra

Siegfried Von Schraider
LJ: l337_siegfried
Played by: Elizabeth [x_yumi_chan_x]
AIM: InversedEnigma

LJ: worthyadversary
Played by: Allison [daytron_seed]
AIM: XxPikaShuichi

LJ: shaadah
Played by: Dawn [dawnsshadow]
AIM: RubyMoon199

Insector Haga
Dinosaur Ryuuzaki
Pegasus J Crawford
Noa Kaiba
Kajiki Ryouta

If there is a character I haven't mentioned, who you'd like to play, please contact me with the information below for that character. ^^ I'm sure I've overlooked quite a few people.

For now I will be accepting three characters per person. This number may grow/decrease depending on how the demand for characters goes (If I do eventually change it to one per person, those already playing 3 will not need to give one up).

I'd also like for potential players to take into account that this RP WILL have yaoi and possible yuri. I strongly advise players to keep an open mind to all pairings with your said character. I speak from experience when I say you should be prepared to be hit on by ANYONE. XD;

If you're interested in participating (I sure hope you are!), please contact ( XxPikaShuichi [at] AOL [dot] com ) OR on AIM ( XxPikaShuichi ) with the following information:

Your name/nickname:
Your Livejournal name (If you have one):
Character(s) you wish to play:
Your E-mail:
Your AIM screen name:
Mock Journal entry:

Plus any other information/comments you'd like me to know or questions you'd like to ask. ^_^ Feel free to tell me if you have a lot of experience in RPing, but it's totally optional.

After sending the above information, please wait for a response from me before creating a character journal/proceeding to RP. I wouldn't want you to create a journal for a character who may have already been taken. Also, if you don't get a response from me after you send an e-mail, it may be likely that hotmail AOL decided to eat your message. It's been known to happen. In that case, a poke on AIM will most often do the trick. ^_^

If and when you are accepted, it is strongly suggested but not required that you make an introductory post to this community. ^_^ Let the other players know who you are!

Thank you for taking the time to read this all over. ^_^ I hope everyone has fun!

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Co-Mod: reikaku_pyro
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